Visit Lowes for all your home improvement needs.

Store Number: 1793
380 Highland Crossing
East Ellijay, GA 30540
(706) 515-1800

A.S. Dover

asdover-logoA.S. Dover can handle all of your asphalt paving, concrete curb and guttering projects from small jobs to hundred acre communities. Visit their contractor site

Other services include clearing, excavating, drainage, road building, site preparation, and overall development services. We own our own dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders, paving and curbing equipment.

A.S. Dover Construction
64 Sailors Drive Suite 112
Ellijay, Georgia 30504

Davenport Contracting LLC

excavatorDavenport Contracting offers residential boring, trenching for utilities, and septic work. Let a company with years of experience and the right equipment for the job save you time and money.

To see what Davenport Contracting can do for you please visit their website.

Davenport Contracting L.L.C.
P.O. Box 2633
Ellijay, GA 30540